Music becomes more alive when you actually use the room and its beauty rather then try to get it in there afterwards. Why try to recreate magic when you can catch it in all its beauty?!


Growing up in a house filled with music I always had a fascination for music. Coming down the stairs on Sundays when my father played classical music, that tranquillity I’m still trying to recreate in my home now.

My parents always encouraged me to make my own decisions concerning music. about the age of 6 I was put in a class which discussed a different instrument every week. At the end of the year i had to make a decision which instrument I was going to play. It became the saxophone (i think because of the jazz i heard when i was a child.)

I was never the studying type but the “playing together” will forever be cherished.

At the age of 13 I started to “help out” in the school’s theatre as a technical help. The fascination for the technique behind the music was born. The huge mixer and all those buttons were like magic!

After a pubertal stage around my 16th year which didn’t hold more then doing nothing an hanging on the street, some friends of mine started to interest themselves with “freestyle rapping”.
I couldn’t rap but really wanted to be part of this “playing together” so i started producing beats. It wasn’t complicated or sophisticated but the feeling of someone rapping to “your music” was unbelievable!

The summer of ’11 I really wanted to learn more about being an engineer and producer, so I started searching for some education to upgrade my knowledge. It started at “Sound Education” and 18 months later the start of “Pro Music Training” began.

After my studies in “Recording Engineer” and “Composition and Arrangement” it felt like I was ready to start working in the music business. I quickly found out that this kind of business is not like any other business; you have to know people and the only thing that matters is the things you’ve done. In search for a place to exercise my acquired knowledge, I sat in front of the Kytopia studio’s for several days.

Finally, a man answered my quest for a workplace to join the “Sin and Soul Tour” as a stage-help. Luckily, they still needed someone to record the tour and I eagerly grabbed this opportunity. Over 2 months I had the time of my life and realized even more that this is what I wanted to do!

After the Sin and Soul Tour I got an email from Sofar Sounds. They were looking for a recording engineer who could record the living room concerts. I was kind of sceptic at first but after the first event i was hooked. I love the acoustic setting and the respect given by the audience.

My name is dB (Arjen de Boer) and I try to capture magic.


  • Arjen de Boer: betrouwbaar en goede oren.

    Mathijn den Duijf - Owner Duijf Geluid

  • It’s always a pleasure to work with someone as assertive and hands-on as Arjen. He takes care of business in a way that is exemplary.

    Sam Jones - owner Studio Joneski



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